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Hello, and welcome to Merlin_Prompts.

Here, you may submit prompts for others to fill. Any and all sorts of Merlin-related prompts are acceptable, from Merthur to Pergwaine, and subjects like Mpreg or simple fluff is all welcome! We want to see a little bit of everything here in this community!

I decided to create this community because I am always looking for new ideas, and prompts for writing, but I just can't seem to find any really good place to find them. I always miss the Merlin fests that go on, and I never know if it's still okay to grab up a non-filled prompt even though the due-date for claiming has passed...So here, there are no due dates. You see a prompt that you find interesting? Grab it! No rushing to meet deadlines. No time limits at all. If there is a prompt that has been submitted months ago, or heck, even a year or so ago, and you are interested in filling it, GO FOR IT!

Like in most communities, however, there are a few, but not too many, rules that must be followed.

First rule. If a prompt is tagged *fill* that means that it has been filled and you cannot claim it. Only one fill per prompt. The only exception to this rule is if you have talked it over with the person whom prompted it. If they are okay with having two fills with their prompt, then that is more than fine. This rule is in place simply to allow other prompts that haven't been filled, to be claimed, instead of the same prompt continuously being grabbed, and the others ignored. I am not sure how often this happens, but just to be safe and fair to everyone, I decided to make this a rule.

Second rule. Anyone who has filled a prompt, must put the link to the fic under the comment section of the prompt. DO NOT post your story in the comments. Provide just the links, and not the fic itself, please.

Third rule. TAGGING - Tag your posts accordingly, and do not overtag them. You MUST tag every post with 'category: prompt' and have just one tag for each of these: theme, pairing, genre, and no more than three for characters (just tag the main characters in your prompt).

Fourth rule. One prompt per post, please. You may submit as many prompts as you like, just break them up into seperate posts, that way you do not overtag.

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