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merlin_prompts's Journal

Merlin Prompts
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A place to post Merlin prompts, all year round, and hopefully get them filled.
I know that there is always some sort of writing fest going on in the Merlin fandom, most of them with themes and the like, but sometimes the themes just don't do it for me. They don't get my creative juices flowing - that or the theme is just not what I feel like reading/writing. It's hard for me to go off of a specific theme and create something interesting, especially with deadlines for certain prompts and their fills. I am awful with deadlines!

Please join this community. Help us grow by donating prompts and/or filling other members' prompts. Prompts of every theme, genre, pairing, etc, is welcome, at any time. There is NEVER a deadline for submitting prompts or fills. If you have an idea for a fic you'd like to see written - submit it! If you see a prompt that you would love to fill - then fill it, while taking your time.